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CTC (“Cape -to-Cairo”) Health Consultants is an Africa focused, independent, physician owned and operated organization that provides a wide range of healthcare delivery.

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Our Solution to Emerging Problem

Over the last 30 years there has been a disastrous intractable departure of physician manpower from virtually all the nations of sub-Saharan Africa in search of training and better economic conditions. This so-called “brain drain” has obviously deprived these countries of this critical resource. Their citizens are left with two options – medical tourism for the rare individuals who have the means or put up with suboptimal or worse yet no care at home. Both options are problematic for obvious reasons.We intend to use our solution to:

  • Provide world-class care domestically in sub-Saharan Africa, eliminating the need for more expensive and disruptive medical tourism, which alienates the patient from their supportive structures (family and socio-cultural) during illness, precisely when they need it most. Medical tourism does not guarantee appropriate care since the patients and their local referring physicians rarely possess the knowledge or networks to assure success. Deliver critical, basic care from the bottom of the pyramid and beyond.
  • Reverse or bend the curves of the “brain drain” by importing and “re-integrating” the lost generation.
  • Satisfy the need of diaspora physicians to reconnect with family and friends and if they desire.