Sub-Saharan Africa is severely deficient in medical human resource capital and equipment due to chronic “brain drain” to the developed world in the former and lack of investment in the latter. Even if the equipment were provided there would still be the lack of skilled manpower to use it. Consequently many patients in need of specialized care seek care abroad in the medical tourism havens of India, UK and USA at great cost in terms of travel, accommodation, time away from home, lack of family support, cost of care etc. Many diaspora physicians would and are doing their best individually thorough medical missions and “one-off” approaches. Our model and proposition addresses the issue in a unified, structured, efficient, effective and economically viable manner.

Similar thoughts have percolated among well-meaning and thoughtful physicians. This specific proposal CTC is the brainchild of a small core group of such physicians. We are reaching out and recruiting from the pool of highly specialized and experienced physicians and surgeons in the USA, UK and Canada who have the time, motivation and interest. We will also recruit similarly physicians from the local talent pool.

Absolutely not. Certainly, if you wish to that is your prerogative. We recruit and welcome relocations. However, we do not mandate a full-time commitment. We only require that you fully honor your commitment for the time, location and purpose for which you sign up. Remember, there is flexibility, you can choose locum tenens/telemedicine/ or resident (relocation) arrangement. Once you complete a given assignment you are done until you next assignment.

We require for locum tenens that you commit at least a 2-week block in a given 12-momth (calendar) period. That minimum is the requirement to justify all the work and cost – travel, logistics, arranging clinic and operating schedules, transactions and paperwork, providing support staff etc. in a fiscally responsible and medically productive manner. For telemedicine (tele radiology and tele pathology, and tele consults) we require that you be available by phone/video or other digital media (2 hr. notice) to review cases with a turnaround based on elective criteria i.e. read/reviewed and posted electronically within 4 hours during the your 2 week availability. For relocation, a full employment, benefits and relocation package will be negotiated on an individual basis.

For surgeons and medical procedural specialists: All cases are elective. All consults will be sent for your review at least 4 weeks in advance of you assignment for your review and approval prior to scheduling the appointment. Consults that come up during the time on site are also available for review to accept or decline based on your capabilities or availability. All preliminary work-up will be conducted in collaboration with the local specialist.
For physicians: All clinics are booked electively with walk-ins permitted. All consults will be sent with summaries at least a week ahead of time (where possible)

Our hotel lodging will be at least 4-star (international standards)

A full-size, chauffeur-driven, air-conditioned car in excellent condition will be provided for transportation to and from hotel to work site (clinic/hospital).

Continental breakfast included at hotel lodging. Light Lunch provided during the course of the normal workday on site at the clinic or hospital. Dinner on your own (preferred restaurant list provided).

Freshly laundered scrubs and white coats will be provided daily.

Similar to how you would run your practice: 8-5p or until the day’s schedule is complete whichever comes first.
Who do I hand off to when my assignment is completed?
The local team will take over at the end of your tour of duty and there will always be an immediate follow-on locum’s physician in your specialty on the schedule to hand-off to.